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During her tenure at the Redding School District, Liz gained firsthand insight into the challenges faced by Superintendents and CBO’s in managing the facility aspect of their programs, particularly in construction projects. Many struggled with contractors and architects who possessed extensive construction knowledge but lacked an internal advocate to ensure projects aligned with the school’s objectives.

This issue was particularly pronounced in smaller districts across Northern California, which already grappled with underrepresentation, understaffing, and underfunding. Recognizing the need for dedicated support in this area, Liz made the difficult decision to depart from the district where she had accumulated valuable experience and fostered strong working relationships.

Driven by her commitment to transparency and clear communication, Liz embarked on her own path, aiming to address the gap she had observed in the industry. Her decision to strike out independently was fueled by a desire to empower schools, especially those in underserved communities, to navigate construction projects effectively while staying true to their goals.

Liz is a results-oriented consultant adept at aligning district objectives across architects, contractors, and board of directors. With six (6) years of project management experience serving small districts throughout the north state, she excels in strategic planning, value engineering, and comprehensive analysis of plans and specifications.

Her meticulous approach ensures the maintenance of thorough administrative records, encompassing construction contracts, required submittals, requests for information, change orders, and pay applications. Liz brings expertise in preparing and managing budgets for multiple projects, with values reaching up to $13M. She seamlessly coordinates and supervises all stages of the construction process, from conceptual development through post-occupancy and warranty phases.

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We prioritize close collaboration with architects, contractors, and clients to ensure project success.

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Our focus on strategic planning and value engineering ensures efficient and effective project delivery.

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